Getting Ready for Your First New Roof

If it helps you to have a better perspective on things, then just remember that once the roof is on, the new one, then it’s more or less too late to undo any mistakes. What you want to do is avoid very common mistakes that your roofing contractor may alert you about, or maybe not. Avoid thinking that you do not have a stake in this process, and then that will lead you to the best place. This may involve finances and other legal issues if there are any problems or worker injuries.

Research First

There is no getting around doing something if a new roof is in order and you have plans for selling the house. That’s fine if it makes good economic sense, or the cost/benefit ratio is good and it’s worth doing, but the flip side of this is to find out what the surrounding selling prices are for homes. Talk to your realtor, or do your own research to find out what kind of activity has been going on in your neighborhood. You may find that the added cost of the new roof may put your asking price into a range that’s too high.

Roofing Expert

There are all kinds of different situations in which the homeowner thinks a new roof is needed. Check out your roof, and unless you have very visible damage you may be surprised at what you find. This is the situation where expert knowledge is needed unless you take the time to learn. Sometimes it is frustrating because you have to rely on what others tell you. Just like with a doctor, you can get second opinions and then just weigh what they all tell you.


Now we want to talk about your attic area because you want to check for insulation, or not. No matter how you get this done, it’s important that it is performed so get assistance if needed. The whole point for doing this is to get it done if need be during the installation of your new roof. The standard insulation is fiberglass, and it works very well and will not put you back much. So you can do this now or later, and that is fine if you are on a budget, but it’s very much advisable for the sake of reducing your monthly energy bills.

You should find a way to approach new roofing so you are organized as much as possible. There’s really a lot that can go wrong, and some of it may involve legal problems. Ask around and maybe you know someone who is informed about this which is ideal.