Getting Trees That Need Very Little Water

Are you eager to plant trees but you live in a location with limited rainfall? This is where a lot of people find themselves, especially when they decide to live in the southern part of the United States. Frequently, people may very well acquire trees because they look nice, without even considering how much water they may need in order to grow. You will find trees that can survive with not much water, and they might be the kind you need to buy. Make sure you never rush out and buy a couple of trees without doing some research.

Most likely the very best type of tree to have are those that are naturally growing in your area. All these trees have now adapted to living without much water so they should grow in your yard. Go on a drive across undeveloped parts of your town, and see which trees are still green. Those that are green are those that you should have in your garden. A lot of these trees may not be the most attractive but they will probably grow well in your yard.

A Scotch Pine is one tree that can grow almost anywhere and the amount of water doesn’t matter. This particular sturdy tree can grow about twenty inches annually with very little water. It’s easy to get going and will grow to be 25 to 35 feet tall. You can readily locate these trees in nurseries, particularly when your area tends to be dry. There are different types of Scotch Pine and some of them turn to a yellowish brown color when the weather gets cold. However, you will still be able to get other varieties that don’t change color.

Another strong and robust tree to think about is the Rocky Mountain Juniper. During the winter season, the tree turns brown but will become green again during the spring. If you are into birds, this tree is great to get plus they also make excellent windbreaks. Even though they have plenty of branches, they grow approximately ten inches a year. This is slow in comparison to some other hardy trees. The Russian Olive is an additional drought immune tree that is preferred. This particular tree is much more attractive than the others, and is quite impressive when fully grown. These particular trees are able to grow in pretty much any type of soil and has berries that attract birds.

Despite the fact that your area may be dry, you will be able to plant trees. Take a look at your area, by going online, or going to your local nurseries, you can find other trees that will work in your yard. You can simply locate the trees you want by simply driving around the neighborhood.